Since 1899, the purpose of Jacksonville College has been to capture the minds and hearts of students for Christ. God has blessed that purpose enabling the college to make an incalculable impact. The future warns that unique challenges lie ahead for higher education, specifically Christian higher education.

To overcome these challenges, Jacksonville College will develop programming, processes, people, partners and property. This development will require the kind of faith and sacrifice demonstrated in this summer’s 52 Day Campaign. The summer campaign was designed to prepare space for beds, classrooms and offices to accommodate the highest projected enrollment in recent history.

Many staff, alumni, partners and churches participated in the campaign to help renovate the following buildings: Collins Hall, Gerald Orr Music Annex, Mary Nell and Summers A. Norman Library, Joe Wright Elementary, C.R. Meadows and the majority of the residential houses. The gratitude expressed by returning students has been rewarding. Jacksonville College is a special place where a student can receive a quality education and experience spiritual transformation. Continued faith and sacrifice will keep Jacksonville College special for the years to come.