The trustees of BMA Texas Missions approved the request of Heith Mitchell, BMA Texas Missions director, to employ Todd West as pastor connections coordinator during their December meeting. West will represent the BMA of Texas by meeting with pastors one-on-one as well as planning retreats across the state to bring pastors together, all the while promoting a unifying vision and identity for the state association.

According to the constitution and bylaws of the BMA of Texas, the director of missions is also tasked with serving as the executive director of the state association. His duties include coordinating quarterly meetings of department directors, regularly communicating the vision, purposes and plans of the departments with the churches through Baptist Progress, personal visits and other means, as well as other responsibilities. West will assist Mitchell in fulfilling those duties.

Mitchell said, “We are pleased to have Todd serve as pastor connections coordinator because he has established already so many relationships with pastors across the state through preaching revivals and the training workshops he has provided. Anyone else would be years behind in building relationships because he would have to make brand new connections with pastors. Because Todd already has relationships in place, and has already invested several hours in BMA Texas Missions through coaching and training, he can hit the ground running.”

It is the state missions director’s desire that the Lord use West to reach out to pastors in isolation and who are burdened for fellowship.

Mitchell stated, “A lot of churches are no longer a part of a local association. Therefore, a number of pastors do not have the means of interacting with other brothers in the ministry. Todd will help in this area.”

The plan is for West to perform his duties on a six-month trial basis, six days each month while continuing to serves as pastor of his church in Arkansas.

Currently, West serves as senior pastor of Mt. Pleasant, Plumerville, Arkansas as well as director of Todd West Ministries—a ministry in which he coaches pastors and church planters from various states, trains groups of pastors and church planters and strives to be a pastor to pastors.

West, who has preached scores of revivals, crusades and conferences in Texas and throughout the United States said, “My years of itinerate ministry have opened doors to build friendships with many pastors and families, and I’m looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me in my new ministry role in Texas.”

In addition to serving as pastor at his present church and as director of Todd West Ministries, West served as senior pastor of Oasis Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas from 2002 to 2019 and director of Todd West Evangelistic Ministries from 1996 to 2002. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Monticello.